arrowSection 7.1 - Presidential Elections

arrowSection 7.2 - Judicial Elections

arrowSection 7.3 - Direct Democracy

arrowSection 7.4 - Local Prosecutors

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Many election laws, like voter registration rules, apply to all or most elections. Some rules apply only to federal elections, or state elections, but they apply to all elections within each category. Still other rules apply to just one kind of election. This Part of the e-Book covers these very distinctive rules.

Section 7.1 addresses the special rules applicable to presidential elections, which include the Electoral College. In those states that have elected judges, these elections historically have been governed by quite different rules, designed to protect judicial impartiality, but many of these rules have come under recent attack as violating the free speech rights of judicial candidates. These and other issues concerning judicial elections are covered in Section 7.2.

In addition to electing candidates to public office, voters also vote on ballot initiatives and referenda. These and other forms of direct democracy, which raise their own distinct set of issues, are the subject of Section 7.3.