arrowSection 3.1 - Campaign Finance

arrowSection 3.2 - False Campaign Ads

arrowSection 3.3 - Get Out the Vote

arrowSection 3.4 - Government Employees

arrowSection 3.5 - Tax-Exempt Organizations

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Election law is concerned not only with the rules that govern voting on election day. It also concerns the regulations applicable to the conduct of campaigns leading up to election day. By far, the largest bulk of these regulations concerns the financing of election campaigns, and these are addressed in Section 3.1. In addition, there have been some efforts to regulate the content of campaign advertising, which are addressed in Section 3.2. Voter mobilization efforts, including voter registration drives, will be an especially important part of the 2004 campaign, and they are singled out for special attention in Section 3.3. Particular laws address campaign activities undertaken by different categories of individuals or groups. Section 3.4 considers regulations applicable to government employees, while Section 3.5 discusses rules application to tax-exempt organizations.

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