Program Costs

Tuition, Fees, Room and Board for 2022

All Applicants $7,800
Deposit* $300
All Applicants: $7,800

Students also should budget additional amounts for airfare and miscellaneous expenses and must have primary health insurance. Supplemental overseas health insurance will be provided as part of the program.

Every student is housed in a private room in facilities normally occupied by St. Anne’s undergraduate students. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the total charge and are served every day, including weekends, in the college dining hall. Mid-morning tea (and coffee) is served on class days. The fee also covers field study and excursion costs, receptions, and a farewell dinner.

Summer Program students are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements between the United States and England and must pay for personal expenses and passport fees.

The University of Oxford, including St. Anne’s College, is generally accessible to students with disabilities. The directors of the program are committed to making accommodations, when feasible, to allow students with disabilities to participate fully in the program and in student life.

*Required at the time of application; applied to tuition and administrative fees.

There is funding available for Moritz College of Law students who plan to participate in the Oxford Summer Program. Please see the Oxford Scholarships page for details.