Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Moritz Summer in Oxford program offer that other study abroad programs don’t?

The Moritz Oxford Summer Program has an especially well-established relationship with the University of Oxford. The program offers students an opportunity not only to enjoy one of the world’s most historic and famous universities, but also to take classes with faculty members from the host country – something that many study abroad programs do not offer. Dr. Christopher Whelan and Professor Emeritus Keith Hawkins, who have taught in Moritz’s program for many years, have considerable expertise and experience with respect to both the British and American legal systems. In addition, all classes offer the chance to study comparative and international law subjects in a relatively informal setting. The program also includes a number of side trips, as well as lectures by distinguished British academics and policy participants – these are designed to broaden and deepen students’ understanding of Britain’s history, culture, and legal system. Moreover, the cost is reasonable in comparison with other study abroad programs.

How will attending the Moritz Oxford program affect my opportunities for employment?

The Oxford program can be of substantial value in helping students find a job. The program offers instruction in comparative and international law subjects, something that is vital in an age where the practice of law has become increasingly transnational. Over the years, many students have reported that law firms and other prospective employers are interested in discussing their Oxford experience during interviews. In addition, getting to know Moritz professors on a more informal basis while taking courses from them can help students develop relationships that form the basis for recommendation letters and other networking opportunities.

Will attending the Oxford program help me meet graduation or state bar requirements?

All of the courses offered count toward Moritz graduation requirements, and students may take up to six credits toward their degree. This increases the flexibility of your schedule in the second and third years of law school. The Comparative Legal Professions course satisfies Moritz’s Legal Professions requirement, as well the Ohio bar’s legal ethics requirement (though not the additional requirement of one hour of instruction on substance abuse). Other law schools have also accepted credits from the program in the past, though non-Moritz students should check with their law schools to make sure. Those planning on applying for another state’s bar should likewise check with that state. Pursuant to ABA guidelines, participants should be aware that it is unlikely that participation in a foreign summer program may be used to accelerate graduation.

What are the accommodations like? Will I have my own room?

Students are housed in rooms normally occupied by students at Oxford’s St. Anne’s College. Each student will have a private bedroom.

Can I get financial aid to attend the Oxford Summer Program?

Yes, you may be eligible to get a loan for tuition and other expenses associated with the Oxford Summer Program. You should consult Marc Nawrocki in Moritz’s financial aid office, at or 614.292.8807. Those applying from other law schools should contact their own financial aid office, which may in turn wish to coordinate with Mr. Nawrocki.

Can I work during the summer and still attend the Oxford summer program?

Yes. The program runs from late June to late July, which allows for at least six weeks of summer work before Oxford classes commence. Many past participants in the program have worked for the first part of the summer before attending Oxford. Students interested in “splitting” their summer between work and Oxford should consider applying for research assistant positions with professors.

When should I apply?

Admission to both the program and to each course is on a first-come, first-served basis, so we do not know precisely when the program will fill up. You should therefore apply as soon as possible, and it is strongly recommended that applications be submitted by March 1 of the year in which you wish to participate in the program. You should also be aware that some courses are likely to fill up before others. Those interested in a particular class are advised to get their applications as soon as possible.

Where can I find the application, and how should I return it?

The application is available online. Please fill out and submit your application online, along with the $300 deposit.