Semester at University of Passau


The International and Graduate Affairs Office of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and The University of Passau have partnered to provide an exchange opportunity for students in both universities. To create opportunities for students to gain exposure to international law, comparative legal issues, and the systems and cultures of other nations, the student exchange program will be offered in Fall and Spring semester, although most students will choose to travel to Passau in Fall semester. Global competency and an appreciation for cultural diversity are imperative skills that lawyers need to possess and meaningfully cultivate in order to be effective advocates, thought leaders, and citizens in today’s deeply interconnected world. Through the proposed exchange program, highly qualified law students from the partner schools would be able to sample the vast academic and cultural programs that each school has to offer and would return to their home countries armed with an enriched understanding of the law through a transnational lens.

Program Dates: One semester (credit-bearing program)

Fall Semester (Passau Winter Semester): October 1st to End of December (depending on exam schedule) Mandatory Orientation for International Students: updated schedule found here.

Spring Semester (Passau Summer Semester): April 1st to July 30th (depending on exam schedule) Mandatory Orientation for International Students: updated schedule found here.

About the University

Since opening its doors to the public in 1978, the University of Passau has quickly developed into a first address in German academia. The University regularly attains top positions in academic rankings, e.g. in Law, Business and Economics, Computer Science, Communication Studies, Political Science and Cultural Studies. Some 12,000 students and doctoral researchers from more than 90 countries are enrolled at the University of Passau. In addition to studying in small learning groups, students benefit from the manageable size of the University campus, resulting in short distances and an excellent student experience. The University’s modern campus is located in the south-eastern part of Bavaria – Germany’s high-technology state – in verdant surroundings, a few minutes’ walk from the historic Old Town of Passau. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Passau has a very low crime rate and offers an excellent standard of living in a politically stable and economically robust environment, while being close to the major metropolitan centers of Prague, Munich and Vienna. Read more about the university on their website here.

Applicant Eligibility

1L and 2L students are eligible to apply. Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA and be in good-standing at the Moritz College of Law. Those students with an interest in International and Comparative Law will receive preference, but all students are encouraged to apply.

Program Costs

Program Fee: Regular Semester tuition paid to Moritz College of Law
Office of International Affairs Study Abroad program Fee: $150
Housing/Room and Board: approximately $800 per month depending on housing choice
International Travel: approximately $1000
Passport (if needed): approximately $150
Visa: N/A for U.S. citizens
University of Passau Fees: waived
German Residency permit: approximately $100
German Health Insurance: approximately $80/month (when necessary in rare cases)
Supplemental Health Insurance: approximately $40/month
Financial Aid: Eligible for Vogel International Fellowship (up to $1,000) and federal financial aid may apply.

Students should also budget additional amounts for miscellaneous expenses, including food, excursions, personal care items, and other living expenses.

Housing and Room and Board

Halls of Residence: The International Office’s Accommodation Service offers help for students who look for a room. Dorm room details, including minimum rental periods and cost, are available on their website. Please be aware that the number of rooms in student dormitories is very limited. They cannot guarantee availability. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary that you show initiative and look for a room on your own on the private market, several weeks in advance. If you would like to apply for a dorm room, even though placement is not guaranteed, please submit the application form via email to The deadline to submit this application is June 15th for Moritz Fall Semester (Passau Winter Semester) and December 15th for Moritz Spring Semester (Passau Summer Semester).

Free Housing Market: Please see the University of Passau’s Accommodation website for information regarding private residence rentals, shared student apartments, and other resources for finding a room, like the rental website

Other Amenities

The University Studentenwerk operates a number of cafeterias (Mensa) on campus that offer inexpensive food choices (usually under 5 dollars per meal) for students. You must load money onto your CampusCard to pay for food in the Mensa. Please see the cafeteria locations, menus, and prices here. The university also offers a sports center and sports classes. A Bus pass is also included in your student fees.

Passport and Visa

Germany requires U.S. citizens to carry a valid U.S. passport when traveling to Germany for any purpose. Germany does not require U.S. citizens to obtain a visa to study in Germany, but U.S. citizens must register for a residency permit for study at the Ausländeramt after they have confirmed their address in Germany and been officially matriculated at the University of Passau in Germany. To find out whether you need a visa and how to apply for your residence permit once you have been matriculated into the university, please read The University of Passau’s International Office information here.

Health Insurance

As an international student in Passau, you will need to show that you have health insurance that meets the minimum insurance coverage under German and European Union Law. Please bring written confirmation that your insurance coverage meets the German and European legal requirements. This includes proof that your insurance is unlimited and that your plan includes the following benefits: medical and drug treatment, prescription drugs and materials, hospital inpatient treatment, rehabilitation treatment, and pregnancy and childbirth. Please contact your insurance customer service and request a “Certificate of Coverage,” which must be signed and certified by stamp or seal by someone from the insurance company. Please take a hard copy of this “Certificate of Coverage,” along with a print-out of your “Coverage and Benefits Summary,” and your Insurance Identification Card. If you have OSU student health insurance, please call Health Smart Benefits at 1-844-206-0374 to request a “Certificate of Coverage” and print your “Coverage and Benefits Summary” from here. Once you arrive in Passau, you will need to visit one of the insurers listed here to get a certificate of exemption in order to 1. matriculate in the University, and 2. apply for a residency permit. If your insurance does not meet the German legal requirements, you will be required to purchase German student health insurance for about 80 dollars per month. Please note that the process of getting a certificate of exemption can take a few days.

Required Supplemental Health Insurance

While participating in an Ohio State study abroad program, students are required to maintain their primary insurance coverage. Students are also required to apply for and purchase supplemental insurance through GeoBlue for the duration of the program. Once accepted to the program, you will be sent a link to complete the supplemental health insurance application.

Course Selection

The University of Passau Faculty of Law offers a wide-range of courses taught in both English and German. The course schedule for Moritz Fall Semester (Passau Winter Semester) will not be available until the July preceding the start of the semester. Students will work with the Office of International and Graduate Affairs and the Passau Faculty of Law to determine a course schedule that meets both ABA study abroad requirements and Moritz College of Law requirements to ensure the transfer of credit hours and maintain progress towards graduation. The OSU Moritz Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Registrar would be consulted for determinations about the applicability credits for exchange students under their auspice. You can see specific courses offered in English in the current semester here. To explore law courses in German, from the regular law curriculum for German students, please visit the different courses (by year) here.

Application Requirements

Please submit the following documents to the Assistant Dean of International and Graduate Affairs via email using the contact information below.

1. Program Application found on the Moritz Education Abroad Website

2. 500-word “Statement of Educational Objectives” explaining your interest in the exchange opportunity and what you hope to accomplish and gain through the exchange.

3. Official copy of academic transcript.

Application Deadline

Applications are due by March 1st for studying abroad in the next calendar year. Once students have been “pre-approved” for the program by the Moritz Assistant Dean of International and Graduate Affairs, students will be asked to fill-out a separate application for the OSU Office of International Affairs.

Decision Timeline

Students will be notified of their acceptance to the program by March 31st.

Pre-Departure Orientation

All Ohio State students participating in any OSU sponsored study abroad program must attend a pre-departure orientation organized by the Office of International Affairs. Possible dates for this orientation will be shared with students once they are accepted to the program.

ABA Criteria for Approved Study Abroad

The American Bar Association has criteria that must be met in order for study abroad programs established by ABAApproved Law Schools to be approved. These criteria are listed on the the ABA Criteria for Approval of Foreign Semester and Year-Long Study Abroad Programs and the Criteria for Foreign Summer and Intersession Programs. The Assistant Dean of International and Graduate Affairs will work with students to ensure that these criteria are met. For further information, please contact the Office of International and Graduate Affairs using the contact information below.

Contact Information

Moritz College of Law Contact Information

Laura Fernandez, Assistant Dean
Office of International & Graduate Affairs
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
55 W 12th Avenue, 341 Drinko Hall
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Phone: +1-614-688-5328/

University of Passau Exchange Contact Information

Prof. Dr. Jörg Fedke, Chair of Common Law
Room JUR 313
Juristische Fakultät, Universität Passau
Innstraße 41, 94032 Passau
Phone: +49 851 509 3470