Finn International Fellows

Christopher Gawronski

gawronski“I look forward to the opportunity the Finn International Fellowship will provide for me to study and experience the international legal system over the next year with the Geneva International Centre for Justice, a human rights NGO. During my time in Geneva, I anticipate attending sessions of the UN Human Rights Council and other treaty bodies, researching human rights violations, developing material for reports and statements to human rights bodies, interacting with a coalition of national human rights groups around the world, and participating in development of meetings and conferences. Many thanks to the generosity of Mr. Finn and everyone who helped make this opportunity possible.”


Kristine Perry, 2016-2017: Amnesty International, London, UK

perry“I spent my year as the Finn International Service Fellow in London, U.K at Amnesty International – International Secretariat. While there, I worked with the Law and Policy Programme on a variety of issues, including: gender, impartiality, solitary confinement, detention of migrants, and disability rights. I reviewed documents to check for consistency with both internal policies and international law and standards. I developed and contributed to internal policies and also worked on strategic litigation. My fellowship confirmed my desire to work in international human rights and to live abroad. I am extremely grateful to have had this enriching and meaningful experience.” Read more about Kristine’s experience in the Spring 2017 edition of All Rise.


Alexander Sonsev, 2017-2018: Center for Asylum Protection, Bangkok, Thailand

sonsev“Thailand has been amazing, and there’s so much I could tell you about life and work. Everything has been fantastic. I’ve reached the point where I have my own clients, so I am constantly in touch with them on any developments in their case. Given that it’s only us and one other organization, Asylum Access Thailand, that provide legal services to refugees in Bangkok, there is never a shortage of work. Thank you for all who have worked to make a fellowship like this possible.”




Alyssa Williams, Summer 2017: Institute for the Reintegration of Refugees, São Paulo , Brazil

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Emily Johnson, Summer 2017: Perseus Strategies, Washington, D.C.

emilyThe summer I spent in Washington, D.C., with international human rights attorney Jared Genser and his staff was nothing short of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was presented with countless opportunities to expand my knowledge of public international law while researching and writing about complex global legal issues including international human rights, humanitarian law, foreign property forfeiture law and policy, and multinational corporate social responsibility. I created work product that was directly submitted to a United Nations Special Rapporteur, legal memos for clients, substantive reports on corporate social responsibility, and helped prepare op-eds for publication. I also lobbied for human rights legislation on Capitol Hill alongside an immediate family member of two American citizens who are unjustly detained abroad. I will always be grateful to Mr. & Mrs. Finn, whose generosity made my goal of working in international law a reality.