Antwerp, Belgium | Semester at University of Antwerp


The International and Graduate Affairs Office of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law (Moritz) and University of Antwerp have partnered to provide an exchange opportunity for students at both universities.

Program Dates: One semester (credit-bearing program)

Fall Semester: Late September to late December (dates may vary)

Spring Semester: Early February to late May (dates may vary)

Orientation for International Students: 1 week before classes start

About the University

The University of Antwerp is a public university located in Antwerp, Belgium, and was founded in 2003 after the merger of three smaller universities, which were originally founded in the mid-19th century. The University of Antwerp is a young, dynamic and forward-thinking university. It integrates the assets of its historical roots with its ambition to contribute positively to society. The University of Antwerp Faculty of Law welcomes 100 incoming international exchange students and visiting research scholars each year. QS World University Rankings place the University of Antwerp Faculty of Law among the top 100 law faculties worldwide. You can learn more about the University of Antwerp on their website.

Applicant Eligibility

1L, 2L and 3L students are eligible to apply. Students must be in good standing at the Moritz College of Law. Those students with an interest in international and comparative law will receive preference, but all students are encouraged to apply. Courses are taught in English.

Program Costs

Program Fee: Regular Semester tuition paid to Moritz College of Law
Office of International Affairs Study Abroad program Fee: $150
Housing/Room and Board: Approximately $430-600 per month depending on housing choice
International Travel: Approximately $1000
Passport (if needed): Approximately $150
Visa/residence permit fee: Approximately $27
Supplemental Health Insurance: Approximately $40/month
Required on-site orientation: Approximately $55 (spring semester)
Financial Aid: Eligible for Vogel International Fellowship (up to $1,000) and federal financial aid may apply.

Students should also budget additional amounts for miscellaneous expenses, including food, excursions, personal care items, and other living expenses.

Housing and Room and Board

Students may apply to live at one of the University of Antwerp’s student residences, which are single rooms with shared bathrooms and kitchens on the Stadscampus, where the law school is located. Rooms must be rented for 5 months. Space is limited, so it is recommended to apply early. Students may also choose to find their own housing on websites such as For more information regarding house, please see the Housing page of the University of Antwerp website.

Passport and Visa

Belgium requires U.S. citizens to carry a valid U.S. passport when traveling to Belgium for any purpose. All international students who will be staying in Belgium for more than 3 months have to apply for a residence permit upon arrival.special registration procedure for international students has been set up between the University of Antwerp and the Immigration Office of Antwerp (Deurne).  Students apply through the international Relations Office. Please note that the average duration for obtaining your residence card is approximately two months. The residence permit issued to non-EU students is also a work permit, now called single permit.  The single permit contains information that you are entitled to work. Please see application procedure details on the University of Antwerp website.

Health Insurance

As an international student in the Belgium, you need to have health insurance that meets the minimum insurance coverage under Belgian Law. You are obliged to have sufficient health insurance coverage during your entire stay. You can find more information on health insurance requirements for exchange students here.

Required Supplemental Health Insurance

While participating in an Ohio State study abroad program, students are required to maintain their primary insurance coverage. Students are also required to apply for and purchase supplemental insurance through GeoBlue for the duration of the program. Once accepted to the program, you will be sent a link to complete the supplemental health insurance application.

Course Selection

The University of Antwerp offers a variety of courses instructed in English. Please read the preliminary requirements per course. If you want to enroll in a course, and you have met the prerequisites for that course through a course you took at your home institution prior to enrollment in Antwerp, this needs to show in your transcript of records. For the fall semester, students can choose from 7 courses where exams will take place December 12-18. Antwerp recommends taking 4-5 courses a semester. Students may also choose from the other courses offered during the fall semester, but please note that final exams for those courses would have to be taken remotely in January. For spring semester, classes would take place from February to late May, with exams taking place from late May until late June. Courses require attendance for the full term. Some of the courses are part of a module. Courses in a module cannot be chosen separately; given the interconnection between these courses, the entire module has to be chosen. Please see course list and schedule document for more details. Students will work with the Office of International and Graduate Affairs and The University of Antwerp Faculty of Law to determine a course schedule that meets both ABA study abroad requirements and Moritz College of Law requirements to ensure the transfer of credit hours and maintain progress towards graduation. The OSU Moritz Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Registrar would be consulted for determinations about the applicability credits for exchange students under their auspice.

Application Requirements

Applying to study abroad is a three-step process:

Step 1: Internal Application within the Moritz College of Law

Please complete the online application and upload required materials:

  1. “Statement of Educational Objectives” (up to 250 words) explaining your interest in the exchange opportunity and what you hope to accomplish and gain by studying abroad
  2. Official copy of law academic transcript (undergraduate transcript not necessary)

Step 2: Once pre-approved by Moritz, complete the Office of International Affairs study abroad application ($150 program fee) and related paperwork (orientation, risk management, supplemental health insurance)

Step 3: Complete university partner application and submit required materials

  1. Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, you will be formally nominated by Moritz to participate in the University of Antwerp exchange program.
  2. After being nominated, you will receive an automated email that will contain all of the information needed to start your application, including a manual to guide you through the process.
Application Deadline

Applications are due by March 1 for studying abroad in the next calendar year but early applications are encouraged. If applying as a 1L, note that no decision will be made until first semester grades are posted.

Decision Timeline

The internal review process at Moritz takes approximately 2-4 weeks. Admitted students work with Assistant Dean Fernández-Álvarez on academic proposal to the Academic Affairs committee to have all credits pre-approved before departure.

Pre-Departure Orientation

All Ohio State students participating in any OSU sponsored study abroad program must attend a pre-departure orientation organized by the Office of International Affairs. Possible dates for this orientation will be shared with students once they are accepted to the program.

University of Antwerp Orientation

At the beginning of each semester, all exchange students are welcomed during the Orientation Days. All you need to know about the university, living and studying in Antwerp will be explained to you. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet other international students and is the start of the ‘Ice-breaking week’ organized by ESN, the Erasmus Student Network. It is strongly advised to attend the Orientation Days. For more information, please see the Orientation website.

ABA Criteria for Approved Study Abroad

The American Bar Association has criteria that must be met in order for study abroad programs established by ABAApproved Law Schools to be approved. These criteria are listed on the the ABA Criteria for Approval of Foreign Semester and Year-Long Study Abroad Programs and the Criteria for Foreign Summer and Intersession Programs. The Assistant Dean of International and Graduate Affairs will work with students to ensure that these criteria are met. For further information, please contact the Office of International and Graduate Affairs using the contact information below.

Contact Information

Moritz College of Law Contact Information

Megan Avellana, Assistant Director
Office of International & Graduate Affairs
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
55 W 12th Avenue, 361 Drinko Hall
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Phone: +1-614-247-0098/ 

University of Antwerp Contact Information

Ms. Terry Amssoms
Faculty of Law - International Mobility
Stadscampus – Room S.V. 001
Venusstraat 23 - 2000 Antwerpen - Belgium
Phone: +32 3 265 58 75/