Guidance for Collaborative Racial Equity Initatives

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A confluence of events, including a pandemic, protests, and business and school closings disrupted our country in 2020 and, despite deep political differences, there is broadened support for structural changes to advance racial equity.  This may be an ideal time for Americans to pursue this goal at the local, state, and national levels.  A multi-pronged, sequenced approach has a mutually reinforcing effect.  Whether it is called a truth commission or something else – that process facilitates the collaborative problem-solving over a period of years to achieve the equitable society that will afford each person the opportunity to thrive.

There is no single blueprint for the kind of transformative process that seeks to provide equity and “raises all boats.”  Planners will tailor the process to the context and their goals.  This site is designed to share resources for leaders and planners dealing with the inevitable challenges that arise in an initiative to advance racial equity.


Planning Initiatives for Working Together To Advance Racial Equity

DCP intends to publish a second edition of this practical guide in late summer, 2021.  If you have ideas about how to improve this guide, submit them here.