Ideas for Leaders Speaking Out Against Hate

Violence against Asian-Americans has increased signficantly in recent months.  This week, the country has been mourning the tragic shootings at Atlanta-area spas.  Anti-Asian violence has been simmering across the country, particularly on the west coast.

We asked our colleagues, Tom Battles, Ron Wakabayashi and Becky Monroe, who have spent their careers dealing with these hate issues for additional ideas.  They suggest that community leaders can encourage the targeted community to build capacity by establishing systems to alert each other when conflict or when potential conflict is likely to occur. Sometimes a perpetrator may be stalking area the area looking for potential victims and the call tree-type mechanism alert system can notify key contacts in communities to warn the most vulnerable that strangers are in the community or an incident has occurred. They note that people have missed opportunities to help by using an overly restrictive definition of a hate incident, focusing only on incidents that might constitute crimes.  If it feels bad or is frightening, then the act or insult is causing harm and worthy of a response.    

Here are a series of resources as you consider speaking out in your community: