CPR Honors DCP Leaders with TWO Awards

On January 27, 2021, Project founders Nancy Rogers and Josh Stulberg, Project deputy director William Froehlich, and Project steering committee chair and inaugural director Grande Lum received awards from the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) as part of CPR’s Annual Meeting.

Nancy, Josh, and Bill received the Outstanding Professional Article Award for their publication Sharing Dispute Resolution Practices with Leaders of a Divided Community or Campus: Strategies for Two Crucial Conversations, Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution [Vol. 35:5 2020].  Their article is publicly available on SSRN at this link.

Grande received the Outstanding Book in the Field of ADR for his book America’s Peacemakers: The Community Relations Service and Civil Rights (The University of Missouri Press 2020).  His book (co-authored with the late Bertram Levine) is available through the University of Missouri Press.  DCP celebrated the launch of Grande’s book in November 2020.  The event recording is publicly available at this link.

A complete copy of CPR’s announcement is available here.

William Froehlich, Josh Stulberg, Grande Lum, and Nancy Rogers, photographed in New York in 2016, shortly after the launch of the Divided Community Project.