DCP Launches Campus Academy Initiative

The Divided Community Project (DCP) invites teams of college and university leaders to apply to for the Divided Community Project’s Campus Academy, scheduled to take place on August 9-11, 2020, and simultaneously conducted at the host campuses of The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) and Menlo College (Atherton, CA in the Bay Area).  The Academy will take place either with teams meeting in-person at the host sites and connected to each other virtually or entirely online, depending on what seems wise given the course of the pandemic.

Applicaitons are due Friday June 5 – Click here to review the application! 

The program’s goals are three-fold:

  1. Strengthen conflict resolution-related planning and capacity building.
  2. Support and strengthen the development of a local ‘core’ leadership convener group for a handful of campuses.
  3. Provide planning opportunities for each core leadership group.

The project invites “core leadership groups” to apply.  Ideally, a core leadership group will include six to eight individuals.  The goal is to form a leadership team that includes both those who would be at the table when decisions are made when a divisive incident or conflict arises on campus and those who would implement planning to improve the resilience and readiness of the campus.  These might include, for example, two representatives from the president’s or provost’s office, a representative from diversity and inclusion leadership (may overlap with the first category), a campus police representative, a faculty leader, a communications expert, a student affairs staff member, and a student leader.

Applicaitons are due Friday June 5 – Click here to review the application! 

Funding for this initiative is provided by the Jacques M. Littlefield Foundation.