Harvard Podcast features DCP

Release on March 10, 2020, DCP is featured on the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program podcast Thanks for Listening.  Titled “Listening for the Divide“, podcast hosts Sara del Nido Budish and Neil McGaraghan interview Becky Monroe and Bill Froehlich about DCP’s work.  The podcast and an accompanying transcript are available on HNMCP’s website.

This description is pulled from HNMCP’s website:

Welcome to the sixth episode of our podcast, Thanks for Listening!

What can communities do to bridge divides and address simmering tensions before they boil over? Our guests on this episode, Becky Monroe and Bill Froelich, ask this question each day in their work at the Divided Community Project, based at the Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University.  As we heard in Episode 3, facilitated dialogue helped communities in MN heal in the traumatic aftermath of the killing of Philando Castile. The Divided Community Project supports communities seeking to reach across divides and engage tension before it boils over, and builds their capacity to engage when a crisis does erupt.  Join us in this episode as Becky and Bill describe the origins of the Divided Community Project, the challenges of surfacing underlying and long-standing tensions, and how they engage with communities to “listen for the divide.”