Project Publishes American Spirit Storytelling Guide

For the complete document “Hosting American Spirit Storytelling Conversations,”  click here.  Here is a short summary pulled from the report: 

This storytelling initiative builds on the work of a diverse group of Americans who were convened by the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law’s Divided Community Project late in 2018 and came to a consensus on some over-arching aspirations that Americans share and value deeply — an American Spirit. They agreed that Americans seek to be innovative and a positive, “can do” people and to unite in our determination to be inclusive and to appreciate individuality. We have not achieved our goals yet, but that is no reason to abandon them.

After all, the preamble to our Constitution acknowledges that we are not perfect and should try to improve constantly in its statement that we are in the process of becoming “a more perfect union.” Polling indicates that people agree with these goals. Sharing compelling stories that illustrate those who embody these goals in their daily lives will bring these goals alive not only for those who attend but also for others who hear the stories. For an explanation of the historical groundings of this spirit and more detail on pertinent polling results, see the American Spirit website.

This guide is full of ideas for prompting creative storytelling by a gathering of neighbors and friends, but it is a guide only. A special part about this storytelling is that you have the flexibility to complete what works best for your group!

For more on the American Spirit, take a look at the American and Community Spirit website,