Columbus Mayor Ginther Discusses DCP’s Midland Simulation

The Mayor of Columbus, Andrew Ginther, recently endorsed the Midland Simulation in a new video released after he and his staff participated in the two-hour simulation. The City of Columbus is one of several communities and organizations that have used the simulation as a tool to consider how to identify and address community division before a social crisis. In the video, Mayor Ginther states that the simulation provided a “realistic gauge” of mounting tensions that cities can face during times of division.

Following the two hour simulation, organizations engage in a discussion to unpack and apply the lessons learned to their own communities. Mayor Ginther discusses how the DCP used anonymous polling software to “candidly assess community division and tension in the Columbus community,” and explains how the simulation can assist cities proactively planning ahead of times of conflict. In Columbus, DCP used responses to elicit ideas in order to enhance city community engagement efforts, leverage work of community partners and to begin planning in advance of civil unrest and social crisis. Ultimately, the simulation encouraged participants to think creatively outside their usual silos and has helped the City of Columbus plan for the future.

If your community is interested in running the Midland Simulation or if you are interested in connecting with the project, please contact Deputy Director Bill Froehlich at  Click here to review Mayor Ginther’s video.