Case Study #3: Strengthening Communities Project

The Divided Community Project Community Resiliency Initiative’s third case study tracks the evolution of the non-profit Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center’s Strengthening Communities Project.  Beginning in 2016, PCRC’s efforts to train, conflict coach, and convene difficult dialogue culminated in January 2018, with an Action Summit where community partners identified ideas for addressing divisive community issues.

Drafted by J. R. Bae, with support from Zehra Vahanvaty and Michelle Vilchez, this case study illustrates how PCRC’s work connect’s with the Divided Community Project’s core guidance, Planning in Advance of Civil Unrest:

  • Grounded in collaboration, PCRC took initiative to promote a broad-based community planning process.
  • PCRC assembled a planning group
  • PCRC’s work culminated in a community forum to identify and address divisions in San Mateo County

Case Study #3: Strengthening Communities Project, is now available.

 The Divided Community Project’s Community Resiliency Initiative is a coalition of organizations and volunteers who support communities seeking to transform community division into forward-looking action. As of July 2018, the Divided Community Project anticipates publishing case studies from five partner communities: Rochester, New York; Orlando, Florida, San Mateo County, California; Columbus, Ohio; and, San Leandro, California.  Case studies are funded by the AAA-ICDR Foundation.