Lum to Unveil Social Media Report

On Tuesday April 11, 2017, Divided Community Project Director Grande Lum will unveil the Divided Community Project’s latest report, “Divided Communities and Social Media: Strategies for Community Leaders” in front of hundreds of civic leaders in Dallas, Texas at GSMCON2017.

The report will focus on how community leaders can seize the opportunities provided by the pervasive use of social media and minimize the obstacles in dealing with the ever-changing effects that increased use of social media presents in dealing with division and unrest.

We use “community leaders” to include elected officials, such as mayors, and appointed officials, such as police chiefs and agency directors, as well as business, faith, civil rights, and interest group leaders who also have the opportunity to help communities turn division into positive change.  The suggested strategies deal not only with the most popular social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but also with platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Nextdoor and even web-based networks or apps created by cities.