Project Featured in All Rise

Columbus, Ohio – The Divided Community Project was featured in the summer issue of the Moritz College of Law’s publication All Rise.  

Barbara Peck writes “[W]hen images of broken shop windows, burning buildings, and angry faces in Ferguson and Baltimore appeared on televisions and social media channels, Moritz law professors Nancy Rogers and Josh Stulberg watched closely for clues of what was happening behind the scenes— who met with whom, what groups sat at the table, what resources had been brought in. As alternative dispute resolution experts, they knew the answers to these questions would affect not only the length and destruction level of the protests but also whether the community ultimately dealt effectively with the heart of the demonstrators’ concerns.”

The article features Nancy Rogers’ work with students in her Dispute System Design Workshop class, a pivotal conversation supported by the Kettering Foundation, the project’s JAMS Foundation grant, and Grande Lum’s role as project Director.    Click here to read the full article.

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