Columbus, OH Diversity

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Columbus, Ohio is a thriving, diverse city with a vibrant arts culture, ethnic restaurants and grocery stores, and a welcoming atmosphere.  Columbus is the largest city in Ohio and has a metropolitan population of over 1.75 million people and the second largest home to a Big 10 law school.   More than 30 percent of the population are people of color. In addition, 6.7 percent of the population is LGBT, the highest percentage in the Midwest.

Below are a list of resources that may be helpful:

Community Organizations

Religious organizations:

Ethnic Grocery Stores

  • Asia Market
  • Bangkok Grocery
  • Berekum African Market
  • Crestview Market
  • Flavors of India
  • Foods of Ethiopia
  • Four Seas Emporium
  • India Super Store
  • Mediterranean Food Imports
  • North Market
  • Seafood Japan
  • Yao-Lee Oriental Supermarket