About the Moritz Community

students new siteAt Moritz, diversity is not just a statistic. It is a way of life that is embedded in the College’s culture and spirit. Moritz’s faculty, staff, and students do not just strive to create a diverse community; we strive to create a community that is ready and able to address the issues facing a diverse world. The College’s course offerings encourage students to think critically about civil rights, race, immigration, sexual orientation, and social policy.

In addition, J.D. students have the opportunity to study alongside foreigntrained lawyers enrolled in the College’s LL.M. program. Both J.D. and LL.M. students learn from one another on a daily basis.

Who is a typical member of the Moritz community?
The Moritz community is a microcosm of our diverse country. Members of the Moritz community are black, white, biracial, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, and other racial and ethinic groups.  Members are Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, Atheist, Buddist, Hindu, and other religious groups.  Members of the Moritz community are married, single, gay, straight, single parents, parents of disabled children, parents of multiples, or not parents yet. Members of the Moritz community are first- generation college graduates; others are the descendents of generations of professionals. Some members attended large, public universities for undergrad; others attend small, liberal arts colleges on the coast.  Some are vegetarians, others only eat organic foods; and, yes, some seem to live on fast food. There are marathon runners and couch potatoes.  There are first-generation Americans, non-citizens, and those who trace their ancesteral lines in America back to the 1600s.

What did you think of when you saw the question “who is the typical member of the Moritz community?”