Policy and Data Analyses

Independent research and analysis of drug laws provides advocates, policymakers and community leaders with information and evidence needed for effective policies. The Drug Enforcement and Policy Center provides objective analysis that contextualizes today’s problems and challenges with the history of drug enforcement and drug policy reform in the United States.

Policy and Data Analyses Spotlight

Five Decades of Marijuana Decriminalization. Explore now.
The topic of drug decriminalization has gained considerable attention in the United States after Oregon voted in November 2020 to decriminalize all drugs in that state. While we consider the possible impacts of broader drug decriminalization efforts, it is useful to look back at the five decades of marijuana decriminalization for lessons on effects and implementation. DEPC collected all state and local statutes on marijuana decriminalization and created an interactive map to illustrate the patchwork nature of the U.S. approach. The corresponding dataset is available for download.


More Policy and Data Analyses

“Drug Sentencing Reform in Ohio”

DEPC has gathered a variety of resources to aid in understanding the complex evolution of criminal justice and drug sentencing reforms in Ohio. The page includes a visualization of Ohio incarceration rates, a timeline of Ohio reforms since 2010, commentaries and writings, event recordings, research, and more.

Drug Reforms on the 2020 Ballot. Explore now.

“Drug Reforms on the 2020 Ballot”

On election day 2020, numerous drug policy and enforcement reforms appeared on state-level ballots. To gain a better understanding of what this election could mean for drug policy across the U.S., the center developed a list of key ballot initiatives reaching voters and how they fared.

2020 Presidential Candidates on Marijuana

“2020 Presidential Candidates on Marijuana”

Given the saliency of this issue leading up to the 2020 presidential election, the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center (DEPC) created a guide to presidential candidates’ stances concerning the reform of federal marijuana laws.