Photograph of students working in groups during the Cannabiz Innovation Sprint
The center aims to provide leadership on drug policy and enforcement issues. We serve as an educational resource for academia, students, government professionals and the public as they seek reliable and objective information in this developing field. In addition, one of  the center’s core goals is to  train and educate the next generation of  law, policy, and social work leaders.

DC Fellows

Each summer, approximately 20 students from Moritz College of Law have the opportunity to take part in the Washington, D.C. Summer Program. Students work in substantive externships in D.C., accompanied by a high-quality academic program and a summer in the nation’s capital. The center has partnered with the D.C. Summer Program to award four Moritz law students interested in the area of drug policy and enforcement a fellowship that partially supports their participation in the summer program. The fellows are placed in externships that will enhance their real-world understanding of drug enforcement and policy issues.  DC Fellows help advance the center’s mission during their summer in DC and are also expected to contribute to the center’s work during the following academic year.

2018 DC Fellows


The fast changing environment surrounding the various marijuana legalization reforms has created a new demand for relevant courses covering this evolving field. The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law was the first in the country to offer a marijuana-specific course in 2013 taught by Professor Berman. Given the growing popularity of the class and increasing demand from our students, additional courses are now being offered focusing on the business law aspect of marijuana reforms as well as their potential impact on the criminal justice field.

Fall 2018 Courses