Open Positions

The Drug Enforcement and Policy Center seeks to augment its staff and faculty team with permanent, part-time and temporary positions.

Graduate Assistants

Graduate assistants provide research services including data management, data analysis and report writing in addition to other administrative support.

Visiting Faculty

Visiting faculty is recruited by the center to devote the entirety of a semester or smaller blocks of time toward work related to the center’s main focus areas. While in residence with the center, visiting faculty will conduct and share original research, teach classes and participate in center activities. In addition to visiting faculty, the center will also bring in scholars-in-residence for short-term engagements. Scholars-in-residence will be researchers, practitioners, or members of the media whose expertise, experience and perspective supports and furthers the center’s mission.


To inquire about open positions, please contact the center’s administrative director, Jana Hrdinova, at