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The Drug Enforcement and Policy Center focuses on promoting and supporting interdisciplinary, evidence-based research, scholarship, education, community outreach, and public engagement on the myriad issues and societal impacts surrounding the reform of criminal and civil laws prohibiting or regulating the use and distribution of traditionally illicit drugs. The center examines the impact of modern drug laws, policies, and enforcement on personal freedoms and human well-being, giving particularized and sustained attention to analyzing the rapid evolution of marijuana laws and the impacts of state-level reform efforts.

Event Spotlight

Re-Imagining "Second Chances": Improving Ohio's Re-Entry Provisions. Drafting Contest for Law Students and Recent Graduates. Collaboration between DEPC, OJPC and CCRC.

Learn more and about our latest drafting contest in collaboration with OJPC and CCRC. Submissions are due January 11, 2021.


Research Spotlight

From Medical to Recreational Marijuana: Lessons for States in Transition. Read the report.

Learn more about our latest report.

Drug Reforms on the 2020 Ballot. Explore now.

Learn more about drug reforms on the 2020 ballot.


News Spotlight

Marijuana Research Grant Program Call for Proposals

Learn more about the Marijuana Research Grant Program.