Research Publications


Business Data Ethics: Emerging Trends in the Governance of Advanced Analytics and AI (October 2020)
The Final Report in the Business Data Ethics project examines: The threats that corporate use of advanced analytics creates for individuals and the broader society (Part III); What “data ethics” means to the companies that practice it (Part IV); Why companies pursue data ethics when the law does not require them to do so (Part V); The substantive principles that companies use to draw the line between ethical and unethical uses of advanced analytics (Part VI); The management processes (Part VII) and technologies (Part VIII) that companies use to achieve these substantive goals; and Corporate projects that use advanced analytics for the social good (Part IX).

Corporate Data Ethics: Data Governance Transformations for the Age of Advanced Analytics and AI: Initial Findings | Interview Phase (September 2019)
This first paper in the Corporate Data Ethics series shares observations and quotes derived from semi-structured interviews with practitioners managing the ethics of big data analytics applications.

Promoting Better Cybersecurity: An Analysis of the Ohio Data Protection Act (March 2019)
A comprehensive analysis of Ohio’s innovative Data Protection Act, a law that seeks to incentivize better cybersecurity among companies doing business in Ohio. The Moritz College of Law’s Program on Data and Governance produced this report in collaboration with the Cleveland-Marshall University Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection.

The Age of the Cyberpro (October 2017)
This report was prepared for the International Association of Privacy Professions.


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, Cardozo Law Review (2015)

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Dakota Rudesill
Classified Legislation: Tracking Congress’s Library of Secret Law, LAWFARE, May 19, 2016

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The Deep Web and the Darknet: A Look Inside the Internet’s Massive Black Box (Stimson Center, 2015) (with Daniel Sui & James Caverlee)

Efthimios Parasidis

A Belmont Report for Data, New England Journal of Medicine (2019)

Peter Shane
The NSA and the Legal Regime for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance, I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society (2014)

Cybersecurity: Toward a Meaningful Policy Framework, Texas Law Review (2013)

Ric Simmons
Big Data, Machine Judges, and the Legitimacy of the Criminal Justice System, UC Davis Law Review (2018)

Quantifying Criminal Procedure: How to Unlock the Potential of Big Data in the Criminal Justice System, Michigan State Law Review (2016)