2019 Highlights


Drummond joined Privacy@OhioState working group to support community-driven privacy approaches | November 2019
Christina Drummond joined this working group of the University Senate’s Distance Education, Libraries, and Information Technology Committee to advance the conversation.

Hirsch testified before Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee | October 2019
Dennis Hirsch provided invited testimony before the Committee on digital platforms, competition and privacy.

Hirsch joined Ohio Attorney General’s Facial Recognition Taskforce | September 2019
Dennis Hirsch joined the effort to develop recommendations on the use of facial recognition for AG Yost, building upon the AG Office’s Facial Recognition Inquires Report.

First-hand accounts of corporate data ethics practices published | September 2019
A research team led by Dennis Hirsch published findings and interview quotes to illuminate emergent practices in Corporate Data Ethics: Data Governance Transformations for the Age of Advanced Analytics and AI.

Simmons’ published Smart Surveillance book | August 2019
Ric Simmons considers the fourth amendment alongside privacy enhancing technologies in Smart Surveillance: How to Interpret the Fourth Amendment in the Twenty-First Century.

Drummond began serving on new MORPC Data Policy Working Group | August 2019
Christina Drummond began serving on the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission’s Data Policy Needs Survey and Toolkit Working Group, formed to accomplish goals tied to MORPC’s Regional Data Advisory Committee’s 2019-2020 Regional Data Agenda.

Hirsch interviewed on Ohio law enforcement’s use of facial recognition | August 2019
Professor Dennis Hirsch recently appeared on All Sides with Ann Fisher to discuss the government use of facial recognition and issues concerning the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway (OHLEG) facial recognition initiative. Listen via WOSU at minute 33:09.

Hirsch quoted on consumer knowledge of app access to smartphone data | July 2019
Dennis Hirsch discusses user consent in the face of the FaceApp data scandal on Readers Digest.

Drummond joined Program on Data and Governance staff | July 2019
Christina Drummond joined the program as Program Manager and Senior Analyst.

Hirsch quoted on “privacy-first’ companies in Salon | June 2019
Dennis Hirsch discusses the emergence of corporate competition around privacy in this Salon article.

Hirsch and Choi presented papers at the 12th Annual Privacy Law Scholars Conference in Berkeley | May 2019
Bryan Choi presented his paper, Software as a Profession while Dennis Hirsch presented From Individual Control to Social Protection: New Paradigms for Law in the Age of Predictive Analytics at this leading privacy event, where scholars discuss and iterate their preprints.

Program on Data and Governance published Promoting Better Cybersecurity: An Analysis of the Ohio Data Protection ActMarch 2019
The Moritz College of Law’s Program on Data and Governance, in collaboration with the Cleveland-Marshal University Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection, published a white paper titled, Promoting Better Cybersecurity: An Analysis of the Ohio Data Protection Act. The paper provided the first comprehensive analysis of Ohio’s innovative Data Protection Act, a law that seeks to incentivize better cybersecurity among companies doing business in Ohio.

Hirsch interview in TechCrunch on data ethics in the data economy | March 2019
Dennis Hirsch discusses data ethics and privacy regulation in the data economy in the TechCrunch piece, Can predictive analytics be made safe for humans?

Choi interviewed on autonomous vehicle liability and regulation | March 2019
Professor Bryan Choi discussed legal liability and regulation for driverless vehicles in a two-part Driverless podcast. (Part 1Part 2)