2018 Events


Distinguished Lecture | Intelligence without Ethics? Holding on to our Values and Ourselves in the Digital Society
November 7, 2018
Who is responsible for protecting our essential values in an age of information? Professor Anita Allen, the Henry R. Silverman Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania and an internationally renowned expert on privacy law and ethics, argued that individuals, corporations, and governments each have distinct ethical obligations to constrain big data practices in the public interest. Professor Allen explored the moral and legal agendas that can guide society to a future that is not just smart, but also ethical. Expert Commenter Professor Bart van der Sloot, Tilburg University, Netherlands, commented on Professor Allen’s lecture and shared his own innovative theory on how privacy also requires protection against information about oneself. Learn more.

Data Points Lecture | The Promise and Peril of Smart City Technology
September 13, 2018
Professor Ryan Calo, University of Washington, shared his experiences with the Tech Policy Lab engagement on open municipal data, augmented and virtual reality, and autonomous aerial and ground transportation. Professor Calo discussed the promise and perils of new technical affordances for cities and their citizens. Professor Calo emphasized the role of the city as a market-maker, a zone of responsible experimentation, and as an incubator for national and global policy and best practice. Learn more.

Data Points Lecture | Refractive Surveillance: Monitoring Customers to Manage Workers
April 4, 2018
Karen Levy, Cornell University, presented her research on ‘refractive surveillance’ the theory that collecting information about one group can facilitate control over an entirely different group. In the retail space increased data collection on customer habits and spending can allow retailers to more closely manage workers through dynamic scheduling, new forms of evaluation, externalization of worker knowledge, and replacement through customer self-service. Learn more.

Data Points Lecture | Health Data Analytics: Building a New Governance Framework
February 8, 2018
Nicolas Terry, Indiana University McKinney School of Law, presented a lecture on how emerging data driven healthcare technologies and business practices pose difficult regulatory challenges. Professor Terry proposed a new “Iron Triangle” for stakeholders and regulators to approach these issues based on Automation, Value, and Empathy. Learn more.