2018 Events

Refractive Surveillance: Monitoring Customers to Manage Workers
April 4, 2018
Karen Levy, Cornell University, presented her research on ‘refractive surveillance’ the theory that collecting information about one group can facilitate control over an entirely different group. In the retail space increased data collection on customer habits and spending can allow retailers to more closely manage workers through dynamic scheduling, new forms of evaluation, externalization of worker knowledge, and replacement through customer self-service. Professor Levy with Professor Solon Barocas have published this research here.

Health Data Analytics: Building a New Governance Framework
February 8, 2018
Nicolas Terry, Indiana University, presented a lecture on how¬†emerging data driven healthcare technologies and business practices pose difficult regulatory challenges. Professor Terry proposed a new “Iron Triangle” for stakeholders and regulators to approach these issues based on Automation, Value, and Empathy. For more of Professor Terry’s work in this field see here.