Legislation Clinic

Legislation-1-resizedThe Moritz Legislation Clinic provides a front-row view of the legislative process in the Buckeye State as students work directly with legislative leaders and their staffs on matters pending or anticipated to arise before the Ohio House and Senate. The clinic is one of the few legislation clinics in the entire nation, offering Moritz students the rare opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes of the legislative process.

The Legislation Clinic is team-taught by two faculty members. A key component of the clinic is a twice-weekly classroom experience during which students and faculty engage in discussions addressing state legislative processes, politics, and participants. The classroom component focuses on the Ohio legislative process and on state constitutional law as it affects the relationship between Ohio courts and the Legislature.

Clinical placements (as well as class sessions) teach students how to research and analyze current and potential legislative issues, expose them to the challenges of information-sharing in a partisan context, and develop their negotiation and consensus-building skills. Students work with leaders of the Ohio General Assembly and other key legislative players, assisting them with research, analysis, and monitoring of the lawmaking process.

“Being part of the legislative process, researching, and drafting language for bills was a great learning experience. It was great to see things from the other side,” said 3L Tim Watson. “As lawyers, we often spend so much time understanding and interpreting legislation, and to have a hands-on experience in how legislation is made is a great advantage.”