Justice For Children Clinic

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Being a public interest lawyer is often about giving a confident voice to the voiceless, and the Justice for Children Clinic exemplifies that point. Ensuring that minors and their rights are taken seriously, the Justice for Children Clinic provides students with the opportunity to represent children in a variety of legal proceedings. The cases may include abuse and neglect proceedings, delinquency charges, custody modifications, education issues, and immigration adjustments. Students are responsible for investigating their minor client’s lives with an eye toward assisting the child gain the desired outcome.

The clinic provides Moritz students a unique experience different from any other litigation clinic. Interacting with a child as a client can provide a challenge to law students early on, but this process sharpens students’ communication skills because making sure children understand their legal rights is particularly difficult. Furthermore, students are challenged with ensuring that their client’s wishes are effectively communicated to the court.

Guided by expert faculty, the students have represented hundreds of at-risk children in the Columbus metropolitan area. The course includes two weekly class meetings that examine relevant legal doctrines and the ethical and strategic issues raised in representing clients in such proceedings.