Entrepreneurial Business Law Clinic

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The Entrepreneurial Business Law Clinic (EBLC) serves startup and emerging businesses that need transactional legal assistance. The clinic, which began operation in 2012, is the school’s newest, and it operates within a very active entrepreneurial community in the Columbus metropolitan area.  Through the clinic, third-year students receive the opportunity to represent entrepreneurs and their businesses while simultaneously supporting and furthering the university and the state’s mission of promoting sustained economic growth.

EBLC students assist early-stage companies by providing legal advice and service on business formation and governance, regulation of Internet commerce, employment contracts, due diligence, capital structure, valuation and finance, licensing, and intellectual property issues under the supervision of licensed faculty.  The clinic also offers a robust academic curriculum providing a toolkit on a range of transactional and business law topics.

Students interview clients, review the client’s business model, and collaborate as teams to develop a work plan suited to their clients’ needs. In addition to handling the primary legal needs of these new businesses, the EBLC emphasizes ethical practices, fair governance, capitalization and finance, risk assessment, appropriately communicating recommendations to clients, and professionalism.

Chris Coulles ’12, who now works for a law firm that specializes in representing small- and mid-sized businesses, said the clinic instilled in him the “confidence and knowledge to deliver what the client needs.”