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The clinical programs at Moritz provide an approach to clinical education that is distinctive among American law schools. With origins dating back to 1935, Ohio State was an early pioneer in clinical legal education.  As a result, faculty members of the College have long recognized that problem-solving, factual investigation, counseling, negotiation, and litigation skills are best learned by combining the actual practice of law with classroom education. J.D. students are able to take responsibility for their own cases, with an intensive academic experience in the classroom.

In the clinics, students work closely with expert faculty to provide essential representation to real clients. Many of the clinics are taught by two-person faculty teams. The faculty both provide expertise in the theory and doctrine of a particular area of law and help students develop hands-on legal experience. Under the guidance and mentoring of faculty, law students get a taste of the satisfactions and challenges of a legal career. In addition, students benefit from an average ratio of one faculty member to eight students, offering a level of learning possible only through such close supervision.

The American Bar Association recognizes that clinical programs are an essential component of legal education. Our graduates realize that, too. When polled about the value of these practical classes, more than two-thirds of Moritz alumni recommended that today’s law students take advantage of our extensive clinical offerings.

“I took three clinical classes at Moritz, and all three were so different,” said Janay Stevens, a 3L. “In the Justice for Children Clinic, my clients were young children, which required a different method for explaining things and working together. In the Civil Clinic, I was fighting to get a terminated employee’s paid time off paid. And, in the Mediation Clinic, I did not have a client and needed to be neutral. I had so many different experiences.”

Clinic Name Eligible Students Semesters Offered Work Prerequisites Instructors Place
Civil Law Clinic 3Ls Autumn & Spring Represent Clients in Civil Litigation Cases & Community Lawyering Projects  Preferred
LAW 8200
Elizabeth Cooke  Federal & State Courts around Ohio (Mainly Franklin Co.) 
Criminal Defense Clinic 3Ls Spring Defend Misdemeanors  LAW 8200
Olwyn Conway & Debby Merritt  Franklin County Municipal Court 
Criminal Prosecution Clinic 3Ls Autumn Prosecute Misdemeanors  LAW 8200
Olwyn Conway & Debby Merritt  Delaware County Municipal Court 
Entrepreneurial Business Law Clinic 3Ls Autumn & Spring Represent Startups, Small Businesses and Nonprofits in Transactional Matters  LAW 7200
Business Associations
Statement of Interest
Paige Wilson & Darryl Walton  Columbus Area 
Justice for Children Clinic 3Ls Autumn & Spring Represent Youth in Delinquency, Immigration and Child Welfare  Preferred
LAW 8200
Kim Jordan  Franklin County Juvenile Court 
Legislation Clinic 2Ls & 3Ls Autumn & Spring Analyze Bills, Cases, Policy Documents  LAW 6124 Legislation and Regulation Terri Enns & Steve Huefner (Autumn) / Terri Enns & Dakota Rudesill (Spring)  Ohio
Mediation Clinic 2Ls & 3Ls Autumn & Spring Act as a Neutral Third Party to Support the Resolution of Disputes  N/A Sarah Rudolph Cole & William Froehlich (Autumn) / William Froehlich (Spring)  Franklin County Municipal Court and Other Venues


Contact Us

Civil Clinic: Beth Cooke (.62)

Criminal Defense and Prosecution Clinics: Olwyn Conway (.270)

Entrepreneurial Business Law Clinic: Paige Wilson (.3980)

Immigration Clinic: Laura Barrera (

Justice for Children Clinic: Kimberly Jordan (.723)

Legislation Clinic: Steve Huefner (.4) and Terri Enns (.1)

Mediation Clinic: Bill Froehlich (.28) and Sarah Cole (.228)