Career Development

Travel Reimbursement

Career Search Travel Reimbursement

The Office of Career Development offers Career Search Travel Reimbursement to reimburse second- and third-year students for travel and related expenses associated with career search activities. The reimbursement will not exceed $100 per student per fiscal year which begins July 1.  The career search activities covered include job fairs, conferences that have job fairs or networking opportunities as a component, and interviews.

To be eligible for reimbursement:

  1. Complete a Student Travel Request prior to travel, so that the University can pre-approve reimbursement.
  2. Following travel, complete the TravelReimbursementWorksheetForm. Submit the completed forms along with documentation of expenses to the Career Development Office within 30 days of the expenditure.

Students will be reimbursed by Financial Aid, and any holds (parking tickets, library fines, tuition) will prevent a reimbursement. Students should also be signed up for Direct Deposit.

For more information, contact Demondre Peak at

Judicial Clerkships Travel Reimbursement Fund

On behalf of the Moritz College of Law (the “College”), the Career Development Office is pleased to support your Judicial Clerkship search by offering assistance for travel and travel-related expenses incurred in relation to a Judicial Clerkship interview.

In order to receive Judicial Clerkship Travel Reimbursement Funds, you must complete the Career Development Judicial Clerkship Travel and Endorsement Request Form before your trip and the TravelReimbursementWorksheetForm and return it to Liza Larky in room 104B, with all applicable receipts, documentation, and verification of an interview. If you are requesting an endorsement letter from the Dean, you must complete the Career Development Judicial Clerkship Travel and Endorsement Request Form and return it with the required documentation to Liza Larky as soon you receive notification of your interview.  It may take 3 to 4 weeks before you will be notified of the availability of your reimbursement funds.

A new form should be submitted for each trip.

Reimbursement  will be provided as follows:

  • The College will support each student in the amount of up to $200 per trip, and up to a total of $300 per student.
    • A “trip” may include more than one interview in any one location.
  • A total of $5,000 is available for Judicial Clerkship travel reimbursement, divided as follows: $3,000 for federal court clerkship interviews (“Federal Interview Funds”), and $2,000 for state, county, or municipal court clerkship interviews. The Office of Career Development reserves the right to re-allocate funds from time-to-time at its discretion and based on student use of particular funds. Funds not expended in a particular year may be accrued to the following year to increase available amounts.
  • Reimbursement is granted on a first-come-first served basis until all allocated funds in a particular category have been expended in a particular year. For example, in any given school year, once Federal Interview Funds have been expended, no more reimbursements will be made to students seeking reimbursement for federal court clerkship interviews.


  • Second- and third-year Moritz College of Law students may apply for travel funds.
    • Graduated students may apply for reimbursement for travel occurring up to 90 days following the Hooding ceremony.
  • Travel must have been for the purpose of interviewing for a judicial clerkship position at any level or court. For purposes of reimbursement, staff attorney positions with federal and state courts do qualify, if travel expenses are not covered or reimbursed by the potential employing court.
  • Previously unreimbursed expenses, with receipts and proper documentation, for which you may be reimbursed include:
    • Air fare;
    • Driving mileage, as based upon the most current Government Services Administration (GSA) established mileage reimbursement rates (as of January 2002, GSA rates were set at $0.365 per mile);
    • Parking expenses;
    • Hotel room rental. Personal expenses (e.g., such as pay-per-view movies, alcohol, snacks or alcohol from the honor bar) are not reimbursable; and
    • Meals during the period of travel (alcohol is not reimbursable).
  • Restrictions
    • You must have traveled at least 30 miles to be eligible for driving mileage and parking expense reimbursement; and
    • You must have traveled at least 30 miles and had an overnight stay to be eligible for meal reimbursement.

If you have any questions, please contact Liza Larky at, or stop by the Career Services Office in room 104.

Inter-Professional Council Travel Reimbursement

The Ohio State University IPC offers reimbursement of up to $750 annually for students who attend professional development experiences, such as conferences and career fairs, through the Professional Development Fund (PDF).  For guidelines and application information, go to