Career Development

JD Advantage Careers

Many job opportunities exist for law graduates outside of the legal field. Most of these “alternative” jobs do not require a law degree, but can be an opportunity to use the skills learned in law school without practicing law. Many of these skills (such as analytical skills, advocacy, writing, research, negotiation, and the ability to break down a problem into its component parts) are directly transferable into other professions, but it often becomes necessary to educate such employers about the benefits of a law degree.

More and more law students and graduates are exploring career opportunities outside of traditional law practice. Some of the most common career tracks for lawyers within alternative industries are compliance and regulatory affairs, management at all levels, policy analysis, strategic planning, investor relations, and personnel. Industry choice is also wide-open although many law graduates choose to work in government, education, nonprofit sector, and business venues.

Kate Reichert, a Moritz alumna who, while working for Professor Deborah Merritt, wrote a paper on Nontraditional Careers for Lawyers. It includes reasons for choosing a nontraditional career, many types of jobs that would use the skills learned in law school and numerous web-based sources for finding them.