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Sample Informational Interviewing Questions

Sample Questions

Below are sample questions to ask during an informational interview, organized by what you might want to learn.

Job Duties

  • If you were to write a job description, what would you list under job duties?
  • Can you briefly describe your current projects?
  • What were the most interesting projects you worked on during the past year?
  • What is a typical workday like for you?

Skill Factors

  • What skills are most important for success in this position (research, analysis, negotiation, writing, etc.)?
  • Are there particular courses I should take in order to gain the skills needed for this practice?

Personality Factors

  • What personality traits are most important for success in this position (tenacity, initiative, communication, etc.)?
  • What personal factors differentiate the good from the exceptional performers in this field?

Career Path

  • Why did you choose your area of practice?
  • What positions did you hold between law school and this position and how typical or atypical was your career path?
  • What experiences outside of law school best prepared you for this position?

Work Environment

  • It seems that every organization has its own personality. How would you characterize yours?
  • What do you enjoy most about your work?  Least?

Occupational Outlook

  • What changes have you seen take place in your practice over the past few years?
  • How do you see this position/field changing during the next few years?
  • Where do you see the greatest growth in your organization during the next few years?


  • What professional associations would you recommend that I join?
  • Based on our conversation, are there others you would recommend I interview, and if so, may I use your name when I contact them?
  • May I stay in touch with you periodically to bring you up to date on my job search?
  • After I revise my resume, may I send you a copy?