Career Development

Temporary Agencies

A Word About Temporary Agencies

Career Development works hard counseling students to find permanent  jobs and helping to identify appropriate job openings. We do not endorse the use of search firms to find permanent jobs immediately after law school and most firms do not work with recent graduates.

However, experience has shown that recent graduates who use  temporary agencies while still seeking a permanent job gain practical experience, make contacts,  demonstrate significant initiative to prospective employers and may turn the temporary job into permanent employment.  Some employers who use these agencies will require bar passage and others will not.

If you choose to do temporary or contract work, be sure to meet with a representative from the agency so they know who you are and have a chance to assess your credentials, interests, and interviewing skills. Follow up frequently to determine if jobs are available. Since different agencies often represent different clients, register with more than one agency.

The agencies below were gathered from public information so we cannot recommend or endorse any in particular.