Career Development

Off-Campus Job Fairs

As a member of The National Law School Consortium (NLSC), we hold job fairs in various U.S. legal markets. The National Law School Consortium is an association of ten top public law schools from across the United States. Employers who participate in these job fairs include a cross-section of large firms, medium-sized firms and government employers. We will be participating in the following off-campus job fairs in the 2020-2021 school year:

  • New York City, NY – July 28
  • Washington, D.C. –  July 29

Students apply to the New York and Washington, D.C. job fairs through a separate Symplicity system maintained by the NLSC and are assigned a password to access the system in May. Meetings to discuss how to participate in these jobs fairs are held in the Spring.

For further information on participating in the NLSC Off-Campus job fairs please refer to the NLSC Student Guide.  Please check Symplicity for the most current lists of participating employers.

In addition, we provide our students access to a number of regional and practice-specialized job fairs. Some of these, such as The Loyola University Chicago School of Law Patent Law Interview Program,  require specialized experience. Others, such as The Equal Justice Works Career Conference  are open to all interested students.

In cases where there is a school registration fee, Career Development pays such fees. Individual participation fees or travel expenses related to attendance at job fairs are generally the responsibility of the individual students who are attending. Moritz Career Search Reimbursement program can help defray interviewing costs.

We are always willing to facilitate student attendance at job fairs for which Moritz students are eligible. Please be aware, however, that many job fairs limit attendance to students from specific schools, based on region or other criteria. As such, Moritz students may not be eligible to attend some job fairs.

Please contact Linda Jones in the Career Development Office for more information on off-campus job fairs.