Career Services

Programs and Events

In order to better prepare students for their job search, Moritz career counselors plan a variety of programs and networking events throughout the year. These have included:


  • Public Sector Interview Program: Table Talk Session – Networking event with public sector and nonprofit employers who are hiring for summer positions as well as some part-time school year positions.
  • Networking with J.D. Graduates Working in Alternative Careers – Cheryl Heisler, President and Founder of Lawternatives and alternative careers expert, emcees a networking event with law school graduates working in alternative careers in business, finance, human resources, higher education, public affairs and non-profits.
  • Dress for Success Fashion Show – Fashion tips from business casual to formal attire are presented in a runway fashion show.
  • Etiquette Dinner – During a four-course dinner, a professional corporate etiquette consultant, reviews table etiquette and provides tips on appropriate topics for conversation and on “working a crowd” at business receptions.


  • Young Alumni Panel – A panel of recent alumni who successfully navigated the process of landing post-grad positions provide tips and strategies for a successful job search.
  • Practicing Law in a Small Firm – A panel of attorneys practicing in firms with between one to 20 attorneys discusses the various features of their careers, including work content, office organization and life-style.
  • Large Firm Practice – Lawyers from an international law firm discuss the recruiting process with 1Ls.
  • The New Law Firm Trend: Non-Partner Track Opportunities– Legal recruiters discuss the new trend of hiring non-partner track attorneys, such as career associates and contract attorneys.
  • Health Law Career Panel – Legal professionals speak about various careers in health law.
  • Judicial Clerkships Panel – Alumni and faculty who have clerked speak about their experiences and the value of post-graduate judicial clerkships.

Information Sessions

  • Developing Your Individual Job Search – Information session on ways to reset job search criteria to expand opportunities and research potential employers.
  • CIA Information Session – Information session with the CIA’s National Clandestine Service.
  • IP Job Fair Information Session – Information session for current 1L and 2L students interested in interviewing for intellectual property positions through Loyola’s Patent Law Interview Program in Chicago.
  • Judicial Clerkship Nuts & Bolts for 2Ls – Information session on what to expect in the process and how to prepare.

Career Development 101 and Jump Start Week

Throughout the months of September and October, the Career Services Office presents required 1L programming about the legal profession during Career Development 101. Upon completion of Career Development 101 in mid-October, Jump Start Week, which offers 1Ls more ways to “jump start” their legal careers, begins.  On October 15, per NALP guidelines, 1L students can begin receiving individual career counseling from the Career Services Office.  All 1Ls are encouraged to work on their resumes with career advisors between October 15th and Thanksgiving break and to use the winter break to conduct informational interviews, research employers, and apply for summer jobs.

  • Career Development 101
    • Oh, the Legal Places You Will Go! – A group of local practitioners representing various sectors of employers discuss features of their work.
    • Step into the Profession NOW! – Local professionals and Moritz faculty and students speak about ways to start transitioning to a professional now.
    • What I Did My 1L Summer – A panel of current law students discusses how they spent their 1L summer and how they found opportunities in a variety of different sectors.
  • Jump Start Week
    • Group Counselor Meetings – Students will participate in group meetings with their assigned counselor. Strategies and mechanics for constructing a legal resume and cover letter are covered.
    • Interview Demonstration – Attendees will have the opportunity to observe a demonstration interview of a Moritz student by the hiring partner of a local firm.
    • Symplicity Training Session– Students will receive an in depth training on how to use our online job database, Symplicity. Additionally, other uses for Symplicity, as well as other job search resources will be discussed.

Mock Interview Program

1Ls are offered the opportunity to be matched with a local practicing attorney for a 30-minute mock interview followed by constructive feedback and coaching. Every effort is made to match students to attorneys who work in the practice area or work environment the students wishes to ultimately join. By preparing a cover letter and resume, researching the employer, dressing in professional attire, traveling to the attorney’s office, and undergoing a mock job interview, the students receive invaluable experience and are better prepared for the spring recruiting season.

Lunch with a Lawyer

Lunch with a Lawyer offers students the opportunity to join a small group of their peers for lunch at the offices of local private and public sector legal employers to give them experience in conducting informational interviews and developing professional etiquette. Students gain valuable information about each prospective employer, learn about the lawyers’ day-to-day activities, and are able to ask questions in a supportive setting. In preparation for the lunch, students meet with a career advisor for a brief overview of informational interviewing.