Career Development


Some employers request that you provide names and contact information for individuals who can speak to your abilities and accomplishments. Therefore, you should keep an updated list of three or more individuals who have agreed to serve as a reference for you.

References can be included as a section on your resume, or as a separate application material. Always be sure to ask permission to use someone as a reference BEFORE materials are distributed to potential employers. It is a good idea to provide your references with a copy of your resume so that they may refer to it if called by a potential employer.

Law professors can be important references. If you spoke frequently and articulately in class, received a high grade or did work for a professor, consider asking the professor to be a reference for you. Other common references include undergraduate professors, former employers, coaches, those who worked with you on community service projects or political campaigns.

To upload your list of references on to the Symplicity database, go to the “Documents” tab and click on “Add New.” Your reference list is categorized under document type as “Other.” Be sure to label it appropriately.

To present references on a separate sheet of paper, make sure that you create a heading “References for [your name]” at the top of the page.