Reciprocity allows Moritz students and alumni to obtain access to the career services offices of many other ABA accredited law schools throughout the country. Before making a request for reciprocity, it is your responsibility to research the policies of the schools from which you would like to obtain reciprocity, as they vary widely from school to school. Reciprocity policies for many individual law schools can be accessed through the website of the National Association for Law Placement.  Most law schools also post their policies on their career services web page.

All reciprocity requests from Moritz students or alums should be made via the reciprocity policy. Reciprocity requests are considered by the school receiving the request in accordance with its individual policy, and it is in the sole discretion of the receiving school to grant or deny reciprocity to our students or alumni. In addition, students are only permitted to have reciprocity with one school from any given geographic region, you should rank schools accordingly on your request form.

Please allow at least 2 weeks for the request to be processed by our office. We encourage Moritz students and alumni to contact our office with questions regarding reciprocity or an out-of-state job search.  For more information, contact

Students and alumni of other law schools

Students and alumni of other law schools who wish to obtain reciprocity at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Career Development must contact the career services office of their law school to initiate the process.

No reciprocity will be granted to students and alumni of other schools without a formal written request from the home law school. Please review our Reciprocity Policy carefully before requesting reciprocity.