Public Service Fellowship Program

Public Service Fellowship Program

Our community is deeply committed to public service and improving the delivery of legal services and the administration of justice. Students interested in making a meaningful social impact–from working with civil rights and human rights organizations to providing legal aid to low-income clients, can launch their careers into public service law through several public service fellowships.

Reinberger Foundation Fellowship in Prosecution 

Created by the Reinberger Foundation, the Fellowship provides funding for one post-graduate fellowship as a prosecutor and four internships for current students working in prosecutor’s offices. This one-year fellowship has received continued funding, allowing Moritz graduates to begin careers in criminal prosecution and trial practice.

Finn Fellowship in International Law

This fellowship offers Moritz graduates a year abroad working in international service for a nonprofit organization or other similar entity. For more information, please click here.

OCCH Community Properties/Legal Aid Fellowship

The Moritz College of Law and the Legal Aid Society of Columbus (LASC) in conjunction with the Community Properties of Ohio Initiative (CPO Initiative) created the fellowship. The OCCH/LASC Fellow, working under the supervision of attorneys at LASC, helps CPO and CPO-like residents by providing a breadth of legal services to assist residents with legal issues that are common barriers to achieving stability and moving forward in their lives. The Fellow provides legal services in civil legal matters to economically disadvantaged persons living at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines in a six-county area which includes: Franklin, Madison, Marion, Delaware, Union and Morrow counties. These issues of focus for the Fellow include, but are not limited to: child support, domestic violence and divorce, expungement, and license reinstatement.

The Skaggs Family Foundation Homeless Youth Fellowship

The Moritz College of Law and Legal Aid of Columbus (LASC) in conjunction with the Skaggs Family Foundation offer a Legal Help for Homeless Youth Fellowship. The Fellow, working under the supervision of attorneys at LASC, works to improve housing opportunities for low-income Franklin County youth by offering legal education, outreach, and representation to homeless and housing insecure youth who need access to civil legal services.

For more information about our current fellowships or previously funded public service fellowships or how to create a fellowship, please contact Cybele Smith at