NALP Guidelines

The Career Development Office adheres to the Principles for a Fair and Ethical Recruitment Process, stated by The National Association for Law Placement.NALP member employers are expected to follow the guidelines, as well. Questions regarding the application of the NALP guidelines should be directed to Linda Jones, the Senior Director of Career Development.

Since NALP no longer provides guidance on the timing of offers, Moritz has adopted the following policy, based on significant input from employers who participate in OCI.

Offers of employment resulting from interviews during the fall OCI program, or from other interviews conducted during that time period by NALP member firms or firms hiring for similar positions, shall remain open for at least 14 calendar days from the date of the offer letter. Offers of employment dated before the beginning of OCI will remain open for at least 14 calendar days from the first day of OCI. Students will be encouraged to negotiate with employers for an extension if needed, on a case by case basis, and after consulting with their career services advisor.  If an employer does not intend to follow the 14-day time-frame, we ask that the career services office be notified in advance.

We believe these guidelines give employers a reasonably quick response time to their offers and provide students with a reasonable time to explore job opportunities, while also allowing flexibility. We want students to be able to interview with employers who are participating in OCI, which is why the policy calls for firms who have extended offers prior to that time, to begin the 14 day offer period at the beginning of the OCI program.

The above policy does not apply to offers resulting from interviews conducted for positions posted on Symplicity or conducted as part of other interview programs.

Guidelines for Recruiting 1L Students

It is important that students’ attention during their first semester of law school be focused primarily on academics and acclimating to law school life. Therefore, Moritz College of Law encourages employer participation in student professional development activities administered by the Moritz career services office and other programming by faculty or student organizations, but does not recommend activities that are directly related to recruitment. Prospective employers are asked to not initiate formal recruiting contact with 1L students until December 1.

Please direct questions to Linda Jones, Senior Director of Career Development,