Fellowship Outcomes


The alumni of the fellowship program have accepted impressive employment opportunities. Of the 78 fellowships which have been completed, more than half of the fellows (59%) have found employment in the corporate setting (both inside and outside of their fellowship corporations). The remaining employment outcomes are divided between large firms (33%) and government or public interest entities (8%). Employers from these categories include: Abercrombie & Fitch, Nationwide Insurance, Honda NA, Ice Miller, Porter Wright, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease, Social Security Administration, and National Retail Federation.

Fellow Testimonials

Jill Fridley URPC
“I have really loved  this job.  In particular, I have really  enjoyed working for [my mentor]. He has really been a great mentor and seems to  really care about my career.  When I was  first applying for different fellowship positions, I had wondered if I might be  missing out on certain career development opportunities by not working at a law  firm, but my position at URPC has been a great learning opportunity.  I’ve been exposed to many experiences and  opportunities that might not have otherwise been available to me at this stage  in my career.  I am really grateful that  Moritz has the fellowship program.”

Charlotte Buck –A&F
“[The Fellowship] is an  unparalleled opportunity to work in-house.   I have friends at law schools, such as Duke, Yale, and Harvard, and they  are envious of this program.  It gives  you the opportunity to work at world-class companies, bottom line.”

Stephen Tanner  – DSW
“DSW has been an excellent employer for the Fellowship  program.  Bill Jordan (DSW’s General Counsel) is very cognizant of the  program’s goals and is constantly searching for opportunities to enhance my  experience as a fellow.  I have worked on many high-level projects that  few first-year attorneys are exposed to.”

Patricia Spitler –  Nationwide
“Without this Fellowship  opportunity I would have had a much more difficult time obtaining a full-time  position in this or any other corporation, which was my ultimate goal.  It is extremely difficult to find a position  in a corporation coming directly out of law school.  This Fellowship provided an opportunity to  learn and grow, while showing your value to a corporation that normally would  be looking for more experienced attorneys.

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