Corporate Partner Testimonials

“At DSW, we want to ensure that each fellow received a well-rounded introduction to the practice of law. We’ve created a formal curriculum around various substantive areas of the law whereby we provide in-depth teachings from lawyers, paralegals, and business partners. The purpose of this curriculum is to provide the “why” we do things- not just the “how.””

Bill Jordan– Bill Jordan Executive Vice President, General Counsel



“Nationwide is pleased to have participated in the OSU Fellowship program since 2011. The program provides recent grads with insight and hands-on experience working in a large, corporate legal department with diversified practice areas. We provide Fellows with a variety of assignments and experiences, in addition to strong mentorship and guidance from our attorneys. In return, Nationwide benefits by identifying strong talent to add to our team. It’s a win-win both for Nationwide and the Fellows, and we’re glad to be part of it.“

  Nationwide Logo– Mark Howard, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company




“The Moritz Corporate Fellowship Program fits perfectly with AEP’s long-standing support for academic institutions in the communities we serve and provides an innovative program that aligns with our Legal Department’s mission to provide the highest quality legal services in the most cost-effective way. This program offers us the opportunity to nurture emerging legal talent through direct exposure to the cutting-edge legal issues that our lawyers and staff face every day and to do so in a way that makes sound economic sense to us.”

 hs_miller50– Mike Miller Retired Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary American Electric Power logo_aep



“Participation in this program will allow us to get quality legal talent at a good value. It’s a way to help BroadStreet, while giving back to the profession by mentoring a new lawyer – a true ‘win-win’ situation.”

hs_marks50– Jenny Marks Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel BroadStreet Capital Partners logo_broadstreet