About The Program

mcfp01The Moritz Corporate Fellowship Program places new graduates of The  Ohio State University Moritz College of Law within the general counsel offices  of leading national corporations. Much like judicial clerkships, the fellowships  are filled with highly qualified and motivated recent graduates of the Moritz  College of Law selected through a competitive process determined by the hiring  corporation.

The responsibility of individual fellows matches the specific needs of  each corporate partner. For example, fellows may work in a single area, gaining  expertise in a particular task, or be deployed more broadly through the legal  department, either on a rotation or project-by-project basis. Following the  judicial clerkship model, fellowships typically last between nine and twelve months  and are not intended to be renewable with the same fellow at the conclusion of  the fellowship.

Corporate participants deploy fellows in a manner that best fits their  needs while uniformly providing fellows expansive exposure to the corporation,  its legal needs, and the workings of in-house counsel, including the  corporation’s interaction with lawyers outside the corporation. Each Moritz  Corporate Fellowship has a number of common elements that ensure the value of  the experience.

  • Mentorships. Each fellow has a designated mentor within the general counsel’s office of their corporation. Mentors assist fellows by providing honest answers and  constructive feedback regarding in-house legal work, while providing the  professional advice and guidance so valuable to a new attorney.
  • Attendance  at group/client meetings. Fellows benefit by experiencing first-hand the issues  and discussions within the partner corporation’s legal team.
  • Executive  interactions. During the course of the fellowship, fellows are provided the  opportunity to meet with leaders within the corporation (both within the  counsel’s office and in departments that rely on those services). These  interactions are intended to deepen the fellow’s understanding  of the internal working of a corporation and the relationship between its business and its legal services.

For more information, visit the FAQ pages on this web site or contact  Cheri Wiles, J.D. career advisor, at wiles.65@osu.edu or (614) 247-1600.