Corporate Fellowship Program


The Moritz Corporate Fellowship Program provides a path for new graduates of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law to work in the general counsel offices of leading national corporations. In this innovative program, Moritz graduates put their top-flight training and ability to immediate use inside the legal departments of national corporations, working closely under the tutelage of experienced attorneys.

A Moritz Corporate Fellowship provides an early career opportunity to learn from and work alongside in-house counsel while making significant contributions to the legal team. Moritz fellows are also matched with a mentor within the corporation, observe the dynamics of the corporate legal team, and have engagement opportunities with corporate executives from various departments.

Much like a judicial clerkship, a corporate fellowship involves a competitive selection process that yields an opportunity to make important contributions at the start of a legal career while receiving a unique training opportunity, in this case understanding the needs and functions of a corporate client from an insider’s perspective. And, like the judge who hires a law clerk, Moritz’s corporate partners benefit from the energy and ambition of outstanding new attorneys on an annual basis, who go on to be “alumni” of the company throughout their subsequent careers.

Thus, the program simultaneously creates value for participating corporations and provides an elite training experience for Moritz graduates.