5 Quintessential Experiences

One cannot attend The Ohio State University – one of the greatest institutions of higher education in the world – and not experience these five things.

Library NightGaze out the windows of Thompson Library.
Older alumni will remember how foreboding “the stacks” used to be, but the space was transformed after the main library was reopened in 2009 following an extensive renovation. The views of campus are breathtaking.

Sing “Carmen Ohio” after a victory in Ohio Stadium.
A hush falls over 100,000 most Saturdays in the fall as the opening notes of the alma mater float from the stands in the south part of the stadium. It’s hard not to get chills as thousands sing the final line: “Time and change will surely show, how firm thy friendship O-HI-O.”

Enjoy a beautiful spring day on Oval Beach.Oval Beach
Whether you’re tossing around a Frisbee with friends or studying in the sun, there is no place like the Oval on a beautiful spring day. Enjoy the breeze, and listen to the bells chiming from Orton Hall.

Wear out your BuckID.
It’s more than a student ID. It’s the portable coupon you can cash in for deals with many area merchants, a debit card, a gym pass, and an Ohio State law student’s key to Drinko Hall. Don’t worry, though. If you wear it out, the university will replace it for free.

Moritz College of Law Michigan Tailgate November 24, 2012.Sport school spirit.
Be it with a string of buckeyes around their necks, a hooded sweatshirt, or Ohio State mittens, students show their school spirit in a variety of ways. What is fashionable as a student never goes out of style, as alumni “bleed scarlet and gray” around the world.