Nutrition Education at the Student Life Wellness Center, including a team of coaches that can assist with nutrition, physical activity, body image and eating disorders.

Free nutrition coaching for popular topics including: weight management, meal planning, grocery shopping, treats and dining out, body image and eating disorders, food allergies, dietary preferences, health conditions and sports nutrition.

Body Project is a research-based body-acceptance program. Students are encouraged to challenge the “thin ideal” to improve body image satisfaction and reduce risk for unhealthy eating behaviors or disorders.

Eating Disorder Treatment Team, a multidisciplinary team of professionals in mental health, physicians and nutritionists who provide assessment, intervention and support to students on OSU campus who are struggling with eating disorder concerns.

Project HEAL helps to fund college students with eating disorders who want to recover but can’t afford treatment. They award grants for all levels of eating disorder treatment for highly motivated applicants who want to recover, but cannot afford treatment.