Mindfulness & Relaxation

Guided Imagery recordings by an advanced practitioner and behavioral health specialist on topics including: wisdom, relaxation, stress relief, grief & loss, pain, preparing for surgeries or procedures, relaxation and sleeping.

Heart-Centered recordings by an advanced practitioner and behavior health specialist to evoke healing and positive emotions. Topics include: peace, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and kindness.

Mindfulness recordings to guide attention in three ways: on purpose, in the moment and without judgement. Mindful practices can reduce symptoms related to anxiety, chronic pain, depression, insomnia and stress, as well as improve attention and memory. With practice, you can become more mindful throughout the day, not just during formal practice periods.

Relaxation response recordings developed by Herbert Benson, directory of the Benson-Henry Institute at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital. Benefits of relaxation response includes deep relaxation, decreased oxygen consumption, slower breathing and heart rate, increased nitric oxide levels, lower blood pressure and a reduction in addictive cravings, anxiety, chronic pain, depression insomnia and stress.