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Cameron Wright


Rising 3L pursues dual degree with College of Public Health to work in healthcare administration

May 15, 2018 | Students

By: Madeleine Thomas

Rising 3L Cameron Wright always knew that he wanted to work in an environment where he would have a role in caring for others in need.

After he graduated from the University of Utah with a major in speech communication, argumentation and conflict studies, Wright accepted an internship with the administration of Mountain View Hospital, a small rural hospital in Payson, Utah. When the hospital’s CEO—an alumnus of The Ohio State University’s Master of Health Administration program (MHA)—told Wright that a law degree would have been very helpful for him in his role as CEO, the years Wright spent toying around with earning his JD suddenly came into focus.

“It all just sort of clicked for me, that healthcare was an environment that I enjoyed and that studying the law and developing that skill set would be something that I valued and would be good at,” Wright said.

As a dual-degree major, Wright’s JD coursework at Moritz—which includes Health Law, Business Associations, and courses in dispute resolution, among others—pairs with his MHA coursework at the College of Public Health, which emphasizes health administration. Courses like Patient Client Care also allow Wright to work with small groups of students from other disciplines throughout the university, like social work and nursing, to design client treatment plans in ongoing, complex case studies.

“There’s a three-part finance series in the MHA program and that has added a lot to both my Transactional Practice course and my Business Associations course,” Wright said. “When we discuss negotiations at Moritz, it adds another degree to that. I understand a little bit more about how businesses make their financial decisions as well. It’s an interesting element to add to my legal education.”

Wright eventually hopes to work in compliance at a hospital setting, where patient-centered care is a priority. He’s currently considering starting his career at a hospital or at a law firm that advises on healthcare compliance matters.

For the last year, Wright has honed his understanding of healthcare administration as an administrative intern in compliance, planning and quality improvement services for Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. He works with hospital executives across several departments in regulatory compliance and strategic planning, and benchmarks policies to make sure that the hospital is up to date on its regulatory risks. He also assesses various proposals and hospital initiatives, like establishing a new rural outreach dental program for children, for example.

Wright also works as a contract review extern at The Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, where he reviews vendor contracts that supply the hospital with everything from syringes to computer software.

“I’m sort of the first level of review to see whether or not there are any problems that need to be addressed in these contracts, so anything from indemnification clauses, to choice of law provisions,” he said. “I’ve been able to get really good at spotting major issues that are relevant to the medical center so that’s been a really good transactional experience.”