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Rising 3L participates in Movement of Black Lives Convening in Cleveland

July 27, 2015 | Students

Over the weekend, nearly 1,000 black activists from all over the country gathered at Cleveland State University, in Cleveland, for the first Movement of Black Lives Convening conference, which focused on topics like police brutality and race relations in America. One participant was rising 3L Ashley Braxton, who studied civil rights and black history as an undergraduate, and has been active in the Black Lives Matter campaign.

National Public Radio reporter Adrian Florido caught up with Braxton at the conference and quoted her in his radio piece, “Activists Aim to Expand Reach of Black Lives Matter Movement.”

“I want to try to figure out where I would be most helpful as a lawyer. I want to listen to other people say, ‘Hey, this is what we need lawyers to be doing.’ So I’m just trying to find out where to put myself best to win the fight,” Braxton told Florido.

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