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Phung (Phoebe) Lang


Meet Our LLM Students: Phung (Phoebe) Lang

February 4, 2019 | Students

Name: Phung (Phoebe) Lang

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Legal Interests: Corporate law, Arbitration

Education: University of Economics and Law, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Bachelor’s); Transnational Law and Business University, Seoul, South Korea (Master’s)

Graduation Year: May 2019

Describe your career before you came to Moritz.

This fall semester, I was the very first LLM student here at Moritz from Vietnam. There’s another student here this spring semester. After I graduated from my university back in Vietnam, I went to South Korea to earn my master’s degree in International Law. I’m still considering becoming a lecturer or a professor back in Vietnam, so that’s why I’ve earned two master’s degrees. I hope to teach at my law school in Ho Chi Minh City, the University of Economics and Law.

What inspired you to earn your LLM degree? 

I want to study more about the U.S. legal system, like corporate law and arbitration. I found out that OSU has one of the best-ranking programs in arbitration and in corporate law. That’s why I applied.

How do you hope an LLM degree will advance your career?

In South Korea, to me, my education was more about theories, but here, it seems more practical and offers me many chances to participate in externships, in workshops, and in conferences. I have a chance to know more about how lawyers practice law in real life, not just in books. I’ve made the right decision to come to OSU.

Why did you choose Ohio State?

I wanted to go to a public university. I also wanted a high-ranking university that offers scholarships. OSU is the highest-ranking university I chose, and they also offered me a good scholarship.

What do you like about the LLM program here?

The faculty and staff, like the director of the program, [Laura Fernández], and Megan Avellana, assistant director of International & Graduate Affairs, they guide us to be professional law students and lawyers. They also help us with our CVs and our resumes, which is very helpful and useful for us in the future.

I’m doing an externship at Franklin County Court. It’s really great. I can attend court, hear the judge and attorneys discuss the cases, and I have been learning a lot from that.

I know we have [education abroad] connections with China, Spain and Germany. I want to be a part of expanding our school to Southeast Asian countries, specifically my country. Not many Vietnamese know about OSU. I want to expand our network.

Do you have a favorite class or professor?

In the fall semester, I really liked all of my classes. I had class with Professor Oesterle, Professor Tokaji, Professor Lee and Professor Stulberg. They are very kind, very friendly and also very helpful, especially to LLM students. They know English is our second language, so they try to explain and connect concepts to us in class.

What are some of your favorite things about Columbus?

This is my first time in the USA. I was in Seoul, the capital of South Korea for two years. It’s a modern and very busy city, a stressful city. I wanted to go a peaceful city, but also that was very developed. When I came here, everybody was very friendly. Columbus is very diverse. We can make international friends, we can make friends with anyone. I like going to museums and going hiking. There are many parks around here. In the winter, I like to go sledding.